How to Build Massive Forearms

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Fitness enthusiasts who do heavy workout regimes to gain a beefy, bulked up body often tend to ignore, or rather, forget the importance of building their forearms. As a result, the torso, biceps, and triceps would be huge after a few months of rigorous workout but forearms would remain thin. It’s not every day that you hear someone in the gym say, “dude, I want to build massive forearms!” Most of the time, you will hear someone talk about how much bigger their arms have gotten. After all, that really is the only muscle that most weight lifters or bodybuilders care about. It doesn’t help that there’s an incredible stereotype that goes around that arms are the only muscle that matters either.

However, there are those select few people that do care about building up monstrous looking forearms. These are the same people who don’t want to see a single flaw in their physique!

Muscle-Base how to build massive forearms

Now, building up your forearms really isn’t that complicated of a process. However, they are also something that you shouldn’t just completely neglect either. What I mean by that is forearms aren’t something you can just throw in a few set of wrist curls at the end and expect to see major growth from it. Actually, you will see very little to no growth from doing this exercise.

Going back to the whole notion of forearms training not being an overcomplicated process; that is absolutely true! There are only a few exercises that you need in order to build up those forearms.


Muscle-Base Deadlift

At this point, you might be thinking, “what!? I’m trying to build up my forearms – not my back!”  While this is true that deadlifts are predominantly an exercise for your back and really just everything in general being a compound exercise, they also hit your forearms really well too. I think the word “compound exercise” here is key; there really is no better way to build up those forearms than to be able to hold onto a ton of weight without using straps!

Farmers Walk

Muscle-Base farmers walk

Since this isn’t an extremely common exercise that you will see at your gym, I will go into a bit of an explanation on how you should perform it. You will simply load weight onto the proper type of bar, pick it up, and then walk with it. People may wonder what you’re doing as you’re walking across the gym with a ton of weight, but it will pay off in the long run as you see your grip strength and forearms sore through the roof.

Barbell Static Holds

Muscle-Base barbell static hold

Last but not least, another great exercise to build those forearms up are barbell static holds. This is a fairly simple exercise as well, and it goes along with the concept of the above exercises. You simply load weight onto a barbell, pick it up, and then hold it for as long as you possibly can before your grip gives out. Obviously, you’ll probably want to drop the bar back down before you lose grip and it goes crashing to the floor, but you get the point!

At this point, it’s pretty easy to realize how uncomplicated of a process forearm training really is. Doing endless sets of wrist curls will really get you nowhere; if you look at the guys who have huge deadlift numbers, you generally see that they also have pretty big forearms to go along with that. It’s pretty easy to draw a quick correlation between being able to hold onto a ton of weight and the forearm mass that comes with it.

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